What can the Spiegelapp do
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Spiegelapp helps you transform the meeting cycle into a continuous dialogue, in which employees and managers work together effectively and achieve their goals. Together, we create a feedback culture in which employees focus on development and where goals, results, development, talent, and opportunities are discussed regularly. 





Spiegelapp features

Spiegelapp contains the following modules. The various modules work interactively and generate specific information. You decide which goals you want to achieve and which are important to you. Coaching depends on communicating the results of development goals as realistically as possible. Setting the right goals and achieving them motivates employees.


  • Goals
  • Feedback
  • Meeting cycle
  • Chat
  • Coaching
  • Reflection reports for employees
  • Management dashboard
  • HR development portal
  • Management reports 

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We help organisations and employees to achieve their goals and continue developing.

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Performance management

We help you achieve your desired results in four steps. One, retain the aspects of the organisation that are good and only changing what needs to be changed. Two, use Spiegelapp as a means of realising strategic goals by realising team and individual goals. Three, give employees control of who to ask for feedback and share feedback with. Their manager coaches them during this process. Four, focus the meeting cycle on results and development. Spiegelapp is user friendly, is fully customised and is accessible to everyone.


  • Helps managers save time
  • Objective assessment and evaluation
  • Increases autonomy and motivation
  • Management data and dashboard for management
  • Real-time analysis of talent and potential





Promotes continuous dialogue about performance and development

in control of
formulating goals

in control of
personal and
professional development

assessment and
meetings that focus
on development

Servant leadership
and coaching skills




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The benefits
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Dashboard & business intelligence

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Active directory


Two-factor authentication

Turn-key HRD

Automatic updates

Daily backups

Desktop and mobile support

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