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2022-12-01 Mirror, mirror on the wall

Programme and project managers of one of the largest municipalities in The Netherlands are working on increasingly large projects: complex projects with many different interests, large budgets, and tough responsibilities. This requires solid direction and specific skillsets. To better do so, a mirror is held up to them to help develop their talents.



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2022-11-08 The renewed HR cycle: feedback is a gift
Asking for and giving feedback is quickly labeled as inconvenient, difficult, and time-consuming. It is therefore the first thing that is crossed off the list when the work pressure is high. With more and more people realising that feedback is so valuable, it is important to give it properly. Only, how do you do that? Or even better: give feedforward!



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2022-10-20 Why does the municipality of The Hague use Spiegelapp?

Developing a feedback culture means talking with each other, not about each other. The Department of Social Affairs and Employment of the municipality of The Hague wanted a better view of the skills and visibility of project and programme management within internal projects. The performance & development interview cycle has been taking place using Spiegelapp since 2018 by means of feedback and feedforward.

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