Training courses

Training and coaching

We aim to help people who want to develop specific behavioural skills needed in their personal or professional lives. We train and coach individuals and small groups. Our training and coaching for managers and employees always focuses on achieving the desired goal. Our training courses are short and practical and involve many group exercises.

From feedback training courses and competence-oriented skills to practising effective and constructive development meetings or agreeing inspiring goals together: we’re happy to help!

Training courses

Would you like more information about our training courses and what the options are? Then please contact us.

Feedback training for employees

In just half a day, you will learn the best techniques for giving clear and respectful feedback using the 4G method. After the course, you will be fully informed and will have taken part in many practical exercises. This means you can immediately put your new skills into practice to achieve long-term results. The training course primarily focuses on practice and is based around practical exercises.

Feedforward and Leadership

This training course is for managers. After the course, you will be more in control of your role as a coaching manager and will be more aware of your ability to coach and inspire employees with the support of the Spiegelapp. By focusing on development potential and the added value of feedforward and feedback, employees are encouraged to take an active approach to their own development and are motivated to deliver specific performance.


Practical training courses with impact

Giving and receiving feedback respectfully, setting inspiring goals, taking part in development meetings, new style performance management.  

We offer training courses for managers, HR professionals and trainers. Contact us for more information.

Long-term employability = Vitality

Long-term employability


The labour market is changing. Some professions are disappearing, while new ones are being created. Employees must continually develop to remain employable. Learning and development are an important part of staying agile and competitive as a company.

Research has shown that employees feel increasingly alienated from their work. A lack of meaningful work and welfare on the work floor are the most important causes. Now more than ever, it is time for employers to sit down with employees and talk about their talents, ambitions, motivations, learning objectives and future plans.

Continuous learning and development have a major impact on the long-term employability and commitment of employees. It leads to positive results and reduces absence.

Trust, meaningful work and personal development are the key to a valuable, long-term working relationship.

The Spiegelapp facilitates long-term employability.

Benefits of the Spiegelapp

Happy, motivated employees get the most out of themselves and make an impact!

Attractive employer

For many people, feeling appreciated and attention for development are reasons for working for – and staying with – an employer. Today’s employees demand feedback and a continuous dialogue with their colleagues and managers.

Cuts costs

Understanding the competences that the organisation has and being able to follow the development of employees’ talents avoids the extra cost of supporting employees externally and the high costs of recruiting the right people.

Makes HR departments more strategic

Using the HR dashboard, HR has access to a real-time analysis of the development of the organisation and can give the management real-time advice based on real-time data.

Facilitates control of own development

Allows every employee to view and follow their own development in a personal dashboard. Employees can produce digital reflection reports at the touch of a button.

Improves collaboration

The interactive, digital online development instrument encourages team members to compliment one another and coach one another in a secure environment.

Supports the transition to remote working

The digital learning environment supports the process of requesting and giving direct feedback with the right focus, which allows employees to work on their development anywhere and at any time.


What participants in our training courses say

The trainer gave a clear explanation with clear practical examples.
Makes you aware of ownership. The trainer helps you think carefully about what it means.
Strong focus on the practical aspects of business and HR rather than just the theory.
Clear goal and good build-up during the course.
Closely related to practice, which helps you retain what you’ve practised.
Gives you plenty to think about it. I am going to change and improve the way I communicate with my manager.
Helps you think about improvements.
A great experience, the morning passed really quickly!
I would like to do this feedback training again every year as a refresher course.
The trainer has a lot of practical experience with HR, which you can quickly put to use yourself.
It was instructive to see that skills are sometimes unconsciously “baked in”.
The mixed teams during the course helped us understand one another better, which improved the atmosphere on the work floor.
Sometimes confronting, an eye-opener.
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