The Spiegelapp helps start-ups grow faster

The Spiegelapp helps start-ups grow faster

MedMij provides secure and reliable health data exchange between healthcare users and healthcare professionals.

This takes place in a personal health environment (PGO), which communicates with health professionals such as general practitioners, hospitals and pharmacies. If the personal health environments and ICT systems of healthcare providers comply with MedMij’s strict standards, they are awarded the MedMij label. This label guarantees the security and reliability of the healthcare data exchange system.

The request

As a start-up, MedMij wants to be able to receive immediate feedback from clients and employees, so they can respond rapidly to realise further growth. Using the Spiegelapp, employees can not just give unlimited feedback and advice, but also request it themselves. 

The Spiegelapp: rapid and secure

In just one week, all employees have access to a competence-oriented job profile in the Spiegelapp. KPMG has carried out PEN tests, which proved that the Spiegelapp complies with the highest security standards.

Real-time analysis

The work portal for management and HR helps MedMij understand employees’ skills and identify areas for improvement. This allows the HR and training policy to be adapted using real-time data.

Personal growth

Employees are showing more and more initiative and a proactive attitude to work. They are increasingly taking charge of their own development. Managers and employees engage in a dialogue during meetings. Employees themselves can also take the initiative by requesting feedback.

The Spiegelapp promotes in-depth discussions that focus on self-development. The Spiegelapp also helps reduce the time managers spend on preparation.

With the Spiegelapp, MedMij can transfer the organisation’s goals directly to individual and team performance.

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