The Spiegelapp is secure and cuts costs

The Spiegelapp is secure and cuts costs

Data is very valuable 

All organisations that process personal data must be able to show that they comply with the GDPR standards. Data is very valuable to organisations, but privacy is even more important. The Spiegelapp secures (personal) data using Two-factor Authentication. Persons with the correct authorisations in the HR and management team can also access anonymous data. All data is stored securely on a server in the Netherlands.


Handling personal data responsibly depends on adequate data security. Poor security can lead to data breaches, which can have serious consequences. 

In addition, since 25 May 2018, the same privacy legislation has been in force across the EU: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The Spiegelapp complies with all security criteria (ISO 27001 certification).

The request 

The municipality of The Hague uses an interactive development platform for its employees and management. This gives employees ownership and control of their own development and allows specific skills to be monitored and maintained. This interactive learning and development environment requires maximum protection against data breaches. 

Data security 

We developed a secure environment in partnership with Security Information Services at the municipality of The Hague. We asked an independent agency (KPMG) to arrange penetration tests by ethical hackers. These tests demonstrated that the data security of the Spiegelapp and the HR work portal and management dashboard complies with the strictest security requirements.

HR work portal 

The work portal for HR and management shows anonymous data that assists the development of HR and training policy. Innovation depends on seeking out potential collaborations and working towards common goals. Data analysis makes it possible to offer targeted training programmes. Using the real-time data from the HR dashboard, it is possible to develop strategic HR policy. The information in the HR dashboard cannot be traced to individual employees. This ensures that employees can develop in a safe and secure environment in the Spiegelapp.

Secure learning culture and management dashboard 

Large municipalities work on various projects simultaneously. These are often complex and involve different interests, budgets and responsibilities. The Spiegelapp makes it possible to grasp the organisation’s potential and talent. 

The Spiegelapp helps municipalities understand their internal talent and development, gives managers tools for team development and avoids the extra costs associated with external support or recruitment. This helps organisations cut costs.

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